Key LodgeRunner Features

  • Book Rooms for Guests: LodgeRunner has a color-coded room grid that you can view by the week or by the entire season. You can click on rooms to assign them to a booking, or enter the dates and the rooms to assign a block of rooms. You can enter notes like "2 twin beds" or "John & Betty" underneath the party name in each cell. The room calendar can be printed one week per page.
  • Apply Charges to Bookings: You can have as many different charge codes as you need. These codes can be associated with room types and automatically added to a booking when rooms are assigned. Each code has a suggested rate, but it can be overridden when the charge is assigned to the booking.
  • Apply Taxes to Charges: LodgeRunner supports up to three different tax rates. Most commonly, these include lodging tax, sales tax, and service charges. Our Canadian customers can enter GST and Provincial Sales Taxes. Each tax rate can be applied to all or part of a charge code. Charge codes can be broken down into different components that are taxed at different rates. You can even attach a flat tax per night to a charge code.
  • Enter your Own Deposit & Payment Policy Whether you require full payment 60 days prior to the trip or the balance is due at checkout, LodgeRunner has you covered. You can specify the deposit amount as a percentage or a fixed dollar amount per booking or per person. You can specify when the deposit is due in relation to the booking date and when the final balance is due in relation to the arrival date. You can also specify whether the deposit and balance amount include tax.
  • Accept Credit Card Payments: LodgeRunner makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments! You can take credit card payments over the phone and enter them directly into LodgeRunner. There is no need to run them separately and then double-enter the payment into LodgeRunner. You can also insert an online payment link in your email confirmation letters. When guests pay online, a payment confirmation is automatically sent to them and to you and the booking is updated with the payment.
  • Display Room Availability Online This feature is popular with our users who have vacation rentals. You can specify which days individual rooms are available and not available. You can allow website visitors to view an actual calendar, or you can force them to enter a room type and a date range to get a yes/no answer. If there is no availability for the requested dates, the site will suggest the closest possible match.
  • Allow Online Registration for Inquiries If you have an inquiry form on your website, we can set up the form to insert the inquiry's contact information directly into LodgeRunner. That way you don't have to copy it out of the inquiry email and paste it into your booking system.
  • Color Coded Reservation List View your list of current reservations sorted by arrival date or party name. Each listing has a color-coded circle next to it that displays the party's payment status. Identifying parties that still have a balance due is a snap!
  • Guest Correspondence: Create an unlimited number of form letters for corresponding with your guests. For example, you might have a confirmation letter, payment confirmation letter, deposit due letter, paid in full letter, and a guest statement. These letters can be customized with your company's graphics and can be in any format you like. Form letters can be sent by email or printed.
  • Guest List: Your guest list is maintained throughout all seasons. When a return guest books a new trip, just go back to his/her guest record and click the "New Booking" button. From the guest screen you can view every booking made by each guest throughout all seasons.
  • Source Tracking: You can enter in multiple sources (and commissions if necessary) for each inquiry and reservation. LodgeRunnerâ„¢ has detailed reports that show booking revenue and quantity by each source. This valuable information will not slip through your fingers!
  • Collect Contact Information for Every Guest! LodgeRunnerâ„¢ allows you to collect contact & demographic information for every single guest, not just the one making the reservation.
  • Marketing Center: LodgeRunnerâ„¢ comes with a complete target-marketing feature. You can collect demographic information such as Interest (i.e. Hunting, fishing, birding, etc.) and Source of Inquiry. In the Marketing Center, you can query your database of guests and inquiries in any way imaginable. Select guests by date range, source, state, party size, booking revenue, items purchased, and packages enrolled in. You can take the results and export email addresses, print mailing labels, or export a text or Excel file of the addresses.
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