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  • Guides log in and easily update their availability. Your guides can log in and update their availability at any time. Update just one day or up to 100 days in a row at a time. Guides can also view their schedules for any time period and find contact information for fellow guides. You have the option of setting the program to prevent booking of days where a guide is marked unavailable and/or days where the guide hasn't specified any availability.
  • Your staff can enter bookings quickly and accurately. The intuitive Guide Schedule Grid makes booking trips a breeze. Enter client contact information, check the schedule, select your guides, destinations, meeting times and places, and then send a nice email confirmation to your client. The system prompts users if they leave out any critical information.
  • Send Confirmation and Balance Due Emails with payment links. Your confirmation, deposit due, and balance due emails can contain a link that allows your clients to settle up with a credit card payment. These payments are automatically entered into the system. You can also enter other types of payments manually.
  • Keep your guides informed about their schedules. Your guides can log in at any time to check or update their calendars. After booking a new trip, your staff can also send an email to the guides letting them know about the new booking.
  • Limited Destinations: Many outfitters book destinations that are limited in terms of the number of boats per day or clients per day. LodgeRunner handles limited destinations with ease. Just enter the maximum number of anglers and/or boats allowed for each destination. These destinations can be viewed at the top of the Guide Schedule or separately. You can set the program to prevent over-booking these destinations.
  • Optionally display your availability on your own Website: Some outfitters like to post their availability on their website. LodgeRunner does this for you automatically! Just insert a snippet of html into one of your web pages, and you can display your availability in one of several formats. You can show a calendar or a simple list of upcoming open days. For a live example, visit www.ConfluenceOutfitters.com. This is an optional feature, and by default outside users cannot view your availability.
  • View & Print Daily Trip Summaries: A daily summary of guide trips is never more than a single click away. You can easily adjust the date to view tomorrow's trips, or any other day. You can also print summary and detailed daily guide trip reports.
  • Reporting Capabilities: LodgeRunner has a wide variety of reports for the outfitter. For state and federal agencies, you can print reports showing river sections used, numbers of person-days, and license numbers and contact info. For your own business purposes, you can view guide trips sorted by destination, guide, and rate code. You can run reports on booking sources and revenue. You can also print mailing labels and export email lists and client address lists.
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