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LodgeRunner can handle the unique needs of Alaskan Lodges

Alaskan Lodges have unique requirements for their booking systems. Many lodges have charter flight logistics to coordinate, guides and boats to assign, and pre- and post-trip hotel rooms to book. There is a brief window when the guests are in the lodge. That means all of your lodge systems, from the boats and planes to the staff and the booking software, must work flawlessly. LodgeRunner is designed with these special needs in mind.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Alaska Lodges:

  • Groups/Weeks: Many Alaskan Lodges have set turnover days. For example, the lodge has 16 weeks to book each year and each group arrives and leaves on each Friday. Alternately, the lodge may offer mostly 5-night trips but sprinkle in a few 7-night trips into the schedule. LodgeRunner helps you to quickly enter each scheduled offering into the system. As you enter your bookings, the bookings for each "week" are grouped together. This feature allows you to easily print rosters for each week and to view availability at a glance. You can also define multiple charge codes for each week, like a standard package and a deluxe package.
  • Flight Info: LodgeRunner can handle detailed charter flight info and print reports detailing arrivals and departures for each day or each group. Even if you have multiple charter hops on each leg with different companies, we can handle it! Reports can detail guest names, weight, age, and even the weight of each guest's fish box.
  • Detailed Guest Info: Alaskan lodges frequently require a greater degree of detail for each guest. Optional contact fields include Date of Birth, Weight, and Emergency Contact Info. You can also enter fish box weights (for flight reports), wader and boot sizes, fly/spin tackle preference, and skill level for each guest in each booking.
  • Hotel Bookings: Some Alaskan lodge itineraries involve a stay at a hotel the night before and/or after the lodge trip. LodgeRunner allows you to enter the hotels you use and to enter the details for each party's hotel booking. This information can be confirmed to the guest in your email and print templates.
  • Detailed Trip Itineraries: LodgeRunner can help you produce detailed trip itineraries that you can email or print. Many lodges like to show the details on a day-by-day basis using the exact dates of the booking. These itineraries can be drafted as a PDF file that is then automatically attached to a confirmation email.
  • Lodge Employee Info: Alaskan lodges typically have a lot of logistics involved in getting guides and other employees to and from the lodge. LodgeRunner allows you to create different booking types, so you can tag employee bookings as such. Once they are classified separately, employee bookings can be included or excluded from your reports as you please. You can also enter retail purchases for your employees.
  • Booking Agents: LodgeRunner makes it easy to apply and track commissions owed to Booking Agents. You can enter commissions as a percentage that applies to some or all of the charges in the booking. You can also enter a fixed dollar amount for the commission. Easily create correspondence addressed to your booking agent that shows the amount due for each booking. LodgeRunner has a variety of reports that allow you to track commissions by each agent.

Other Features:

Alaskan lodges also use all the basic features of LodgeRunner common to other fishing and hunting lodges. Check out the pre-registration, Bar Tab/Gift Shop, and kitchen reporting features!

Many Alaskan lodges do not book their guests week-to-week. No problem! You can enter bookings for any date range and apply charge codes as necessary. Alaska has many different types of lodges and outfitters. LodgeRunner can be adapted to fit your needs!

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