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Online Booking is an optional feature for LodgeRunner users. The majority of our users do not accept online bookings. In many cases there are just too many details that go into a lodge booking for it to be practical to be done online. For operations that are comfortable taking bookings online, we have options for displaying availability information and enabling the online booking of rooms and guides.

  • Display Availability of Rooms, Guides, or Boats: We make a lot of custom "widgets" that can be inserted into your website. Most show room availability, guide availability, or a combination of the two. We usually set these up as a query, where the website visitor enters the desired dates and # of people. These widgets are custom-built and implemented for each user. As an example, see the "Search for Available Dates" section on the home page for Tropic Star Lodge.
  • Display Availability for each Week or Group: Many lodges that have fixed dates use our "Scheduled Groups" feature. This feature allows you to see how many spaces are left to book in each week or group. This feature can also be used for events like schools and clinics. We can custom-build a website widget that displays availability for your scheduled groups.
  • Guided Trips: LodgeRunner has a fully-developed online booking feature for guided trips. No special setup is required other than integrating LodgeRunner with a credit card processor. The system allows website visitors to look up their profile or create a new one, select one or more guide trips, and specify the trip type and number of anglers. They can book one trip or multiple trips all at once. For a live example, visit www.ConfluenceOutfitters.com. This is an optional feature, and by default outside users cannot view your availability.
  • Online Booking of Rooms: We are currently working on a standard implementation for the booking of rooms. Stay tuned!

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