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At the Trade Show

LodgeRunner can be a big help at Trade Shows and other events where you would like to collect contact information and book trips.

  • Use a Tablet to Collect Email Addresses: You can define multiple screens that are optimized for touch-pad tablets. For instance you might have an "ISE Show" template and an "SCI Show" template. You can use both to collect names and emails from potential guests, but you can have different settings for each screen. For each screen you can specify the source code for the inquiry, interests (tags) to assign to the inquiry, which MailChimp email list to subscribe the new inquiry to, and which email template to send to the new inquiry.
  • Instantly Check Availability: Since LodgeRunner is a cloud-based booking system, you can have it up and running on your phone, tablet or computer while you are at the show. Instantly look up availability of lodge rooms and guides while your potential guest is visiting with you at your booth.
  • Take Bookings at the Show: LodgeRunner allows you to enter a booking quickly. If you have integrated with a payment processor then you can even charge cards from within LodgeRunner.
  • Take Deposits for Show Specials: Many lodges offer show specials where you put down a deposit at the show and then select your dates later. LodgeRunner's "Dates TBD" mode allows you to create this type of booking easily.

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