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Retail Transactions

LodgeRunner has a fully-developed retail module that allows you to enter your items, track sales to your guests, and track your inventory. LodgeRunner can help you enter retail transactions from anywhere on site so long as there is a wi-fi connection.

Retail Features:

  • Make Specialized Tablet Screens: You can define multiple "terminal" screens that are optimized for touch-screen tablets. For example, you might have a "Bar Tab" screen, a "Marina" screen and a "Gift Shop" screen. For each screen you can specify which categories of items should be displayed. When a staff member uses a screen to record a transaction, they simply select the party, select the individual guest in the party, enter the items and quantities, update prices if necessary, and the transaction is automatically saved to the corresponding booking. You can even require the guest to provide their initials or a signature for each transaction. The screens are optimized for touch-screens - no typing is required.
  • Walk-In Purchases: You can enter purchases for guests and for walk-in customers. Transactions for guests can be added to their tab or processed for payment immediately using a Square Terminal.
  • Card-Present Transactions using Square Terminal: Once you save a retail transaction you can charge it to a card immediately using our integration with your Square Terminal. These terminals make credit card transactions quick and easy! You also get a lower processing rate for card-present transactions.
  • Split Billing: You can easily assign transactions to individual guests. When the party is ready to check out, you can present a detailed statement for on-site purchases that is broken down for each guest in the party, or tailored for a particular guest in the party.
  • Item Categories: You can create retail categories and assign each item to a category. Organizing your items in this manner helps when creating Tablet Screens and when viewing your Inventory.
  • Inventory Control: LodgeRunner has numerous reports for viewing your current inventory and listing items that need to be re-ordered. Retail transactions can be viewed by party, individual, staff member, item, transaction date, and category.

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