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Guide Assignment Features

  • Guide Grid: LodgeRunner has a color-coded guide grid that you can view in one week and full-season increments. You can click on guide cells to assign them to a booking, or enter the dates and the guides to assign multiple guides in one go. The guide grid can be printed one week per page.
  • Guide Ranking/Seniority: You can put your guides in any order you see fit. They can also be grouped and color-coded. Many operations use this feature to designate guides for certain destinations or show in-house guides vs. outside guides.
  • Individual Guide Calendars: You can view calendars for each guide individually. You can use the guide calendars to designate available days, N/A days, and view information for booked days. You can even designate guides as available in the morning only or afternoon only.
  • Destinations: You can create your destination list and put them in any order you see fit. For example, you might show each primary river and then have different floats listed under each one. You can run detailed reports for each destination.
  • Trip Rates: You can define as many trip rate codes as you need. You can set rates by the # of anglers, the price per person, or using a flat rate. You can set the minimum and maximum # of anglers for each rate code.
  • Guide Log-In. Your guides can log in from their computers and smartphones and view their schedules at any time. You can set different priveleges for each guide. For example, you might allow some guides to set their days off, view client contact information, and even book their own trips, while others are only allowed to view their schedule.
  • Unassigned Guide Trips. If you're taking bookings well in advance and don't want to assign specific guides just yet, that's fine. Just enter the number you need each day. Later on you can click on these unassigned guides and quickly convert them over to specific guide assignments.
  • Send Email and Text Alerts to your Guides. After booking a new trip, your staff can also send an email or text message to the guides letting them know about the new booking. You can also send automated emails/texts to your guide staff each evening with information about their trip for the next day.
  • Half-Day and Full-Day trips. You can define multiple rate codes for your various destinations and full-day and half-day trips. You can even allow guides to book back-to-back half-days with different parties on the same day.
  • Restricted Destinations. Do you have destinations with a daily maximum # of boats or anglers? LodgeRunner can handle that! Just enter the maximum number of anglers and/or boats allowed for each destination. These destinations appear at the top of the Guide Grid where you can quickly see how many spots you have left to book on each piece of water. We can take it one step further and track aggregate numbers for multiple stretches, too.

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