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Check-In & Check-Out

Check-In Features:

  • Pending Check-Ins. Quickly view lists of parties checking in each day and lists of parties not yet checked in.
  • Tablet Screen for Guest Information. Do you require guest information as part of the check-in process? We can help you set up a tablet screen where guests or staff can quickly enter any necessary guest information.
  • Tablet Screen for Signing Waivers. We also use tablet screens to help guests quickly sign any necessary release forms during check-in.
  • Other Tablet Screen Implementations. Many lodges like to use tablets to display room assignments and guide assignments for each party each day.

Check-Out Features:

  • Pending Check-Outs. Quickly view lists of parties not yet checked out.
  • Print Detailed Statements. LodgeRunner can print attractive, highly detailed guest statements that are easy for your guests to understand.
  • Split the Bill. LodgeRunner makes it easy to create separate statements for each member of a party. Just be sure to enter the individual guests as you enter charge codes and retail transactions.
  • Take Final Payment. If you integrate with one of our Payment Processors you can charge a card from within LodgeRunner. You can rebill cards used previously or take a card-present payment using a linked Square Terminal.

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