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LodgeRunner gives you plenty of options when it comes to credit card processing. You can run payments on your existing system, integrate LodgeRunner with one of the processors listed below to run cards from within LodgeRunner, or do both! You can also mix and match different processors for different types of payments.

  • Credit Card Processing Integrations: LodgeRunner works with Stripe, Square, Braintree Payments, Authorize.net, FattMerchant/Stax, and Elavon. Once you've integrated with one of these services, you can run cards from within LodgeRunner. That means the guest is billed and their booking is automatically updated without the need to jump back and forth between two programs.
  • No Additional Fees: We do not add any fees for you to integrate with payment processors and process transactions. We encourage you to find the best rates using the services listed above.
  • Card-Present Transactions: LodgeRunner supports both the Square Terminal and Stripe Terminal for accepting credit cards in person. Processing rates are significantly lower for card-present transactions. Our Terminal integrations makes guest checkouts and retail transactions a breeze!
  • Easily Add Processing Fees: LodgeRunner makes it easy to assess processing fees to help recover your card processing fees.
  • ACH (Bank Account) Payment Options: LodgeRunner works with Stripe and Authorize.net to allow you to process ACH payments. These transactions typically have a much lower capped processing fee which makes them ideal for large transactions. If you add processing fees to credit card transactions, it's nice to give your guests a no-fee ACH payment option as an alternative.
  • Re-Bill Cards: You have the option (with the guests's permission) to store the card and re-bill it later. This saves a few steps when it's time to collect final payments from guests.
  • Set up an Online Payment Page: You also have the ability to set up a payment page that allow your guests to make payments online. These payment pages are hosted on the LodgeRunner site and can be branded with your logo. You can add links to these payment pages to your website and your guest correspondence. That way guests can simply click the link in your confirmation email and make a payment on their own. You receive a notification of the payment and the guest automatically receives a receipt.
  • PCI Compliance: These clever payment integrations are PCI Compliant by design. Card information bypasses LodgeRunner and goes straight to the payment processor. If the transaction is approved, the processor sends LodgeRunner a token that can be used to process the payment. We're not storing credit card information and you're not storing credit card information. However, you can see the type of card used, the last four digits, and have the option to make full and partial refunds of the transaction.

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