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LodgeRunner has the ability to create emails and printed statements with almost unlimited formatting options. We can incorporate your logo, preferred fonts and colors, and booking information in order to make high-quality documents that emphasize the quality of your operation.

Guest Correspondence Features:

  • Email Templates: Create as many different email templates as you need. Some operations create a whole set (booking confirmation, deposit due, deposit confirmation, balance due, balance confirmation, final statement) for each destination or type of trip. We offer hundreds of pre-built components that can be inserted into each template.
  • Print (PDF) Templates: PDF Templates are used to create documents that are meant to be printed or attached to an email message. The PDF format allows us to place design elements exactly and also create multiple-page documents. A common example of a PDF Template is a guest statement that by default is attached to a confirmation email.
  • Email Attachments: You can upload images and PDF files that can then be automatically attached to your Email Templates. This feature works great for attaching Packing Lists to Confirmation Emails. Many operations also use this feature to attach a few images to their Inquiry Response emails.
  • Sample Templates: LodgeRunner has a wide selection of sample templates that you can easily enable and modify to fit your needs.
  • Edit Prior to Sending: When you create an email message from an Email Template, you can view it and make final edits to the message before you send.
  • Send from your own Email Address: You can set LodgeRunner to send your emails from your own email address. You just need to know your email username, password, smtp server and port. You can define multiple addresses and specify with address to use with each email template.
  • View your Out Box: Your Contact Screen and Booking Screen always show the history of the emails you have sent to that contact. You can view and copy any of your old email messages.

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