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Announcements & Upgrades:
10/3/18: New AM-Only and PM-Only Status for Guide Schedules: You can now specify "AM Only" or "PM Only" when setting guide availability in LodgeRunner. To set it up, go to Setup, then "Guide Calendar Settings" and activate the "AM Only" and "PM Only" options and assign them a color. When a guide is designate...
9/14/18: New Letter Button to be renamed: The "New Letter" button on your Booking Screen will soon be renamed to "Email".  Instead of using the "New Letter" button to both email and print documents, you will end up with an "Email" button for emailing documents and the new and improved "Print...
9/13/18: Improved Print Button on Booking Screen: The "Print" button on the Booking Screen menu is new and improved! You can now use this button to print any of your Email Templates (confirmation letters, invoices, guest statements, etc...), PDF Templates, plus numerous reports. If you print statements for individual guests in each book...
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