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Announcements & Upgrades:
3/28/17: Refund Credit Card Payments: For those of you who have integrated LodgeRunner with Braintree Payments, you can now easily refund credit card payments from within LodgeRunner.  All Braintree credit card transactions now have a "refund" link that allows you to refund all or part of the transaction.  No more lo...
3/8/17: Add LodgeRunner to your iPhone Home Screen: Save time when accessing LodgeRunner on your iPhone by adding the log-in page to your home screen. Follow these steps: 1.) In Safari, navigate to the LodgeRunner log-in page. Don't log in just yet. 2.) On the bottom bar, there is a box button with an up arrow that allows you to share the...
3/7/17: Allow Guides to Book their own Trips: It is now possible to allow guides accessing LodgeRunner through the Guide Portal to book their own guide trips. To enable this feature, go to Setup, then "Guide Zone Permissions". You can grant the "Book Guide Trips" permission for a single guide or all of your guides. Guid...
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