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Announcements & Upgrades:
11/5/17: Reports System Upgrade: There are now two lists of reports you can access.  Go to Reports and you will see "Active" reports and "Unused" reports.  The "Unused" report list includes many reports that you might find useful.  When you select a report you can move it back and forth ...
10/9/17: Better visibility for dates in Combo Grid: If you use the Season "Rooms and Guides" pop-up screen and have lots of rooms and guides/boats, you may have noticed that the date row sometimes gets lost up at the top of the screen.  You can now add one or two more date rows to this screen.  Go to Setup, then "Combo Grid S...
10/8/17: Reports System Upgrade: All reports can now be downloaded to CSV (for import into Excel or another spreadsheet program) or printed directly to PDF in either portrait or landscape format.  When running a report, select an option in the "Report Format" drop-down list.  The default is the HTML (View & ...
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