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Announcements & Upgrades:
5/29/18: New "Make a Payment" page: Those of you who have integrated with one of our Payment Gateways can now use the new "Make A Payment" feature to allow your guests to make online payments. Use the {m320} widget in your email templates to give your guests a link to your payment page. First, go to Setup, then Advanced, a...
4/18/18: New Dashboard Settings: You can now adjust settings for many of the Dashboard Items on the home page.  Go to Setup, then "Dashboard", then "Dashboard Item Settings".  You can select available criteria from your list of dashboard items.  Many of the items can be restricted by booking statu...
4/14/18: Online Guide Booking: It is now really simple to allow your website visitors to book your guides online using LodgeRunner.  Go to Setup, then look under "Online Booking" for "Guide Trips".  You can allow the public to view guide schedules and/or book online for one or more guides.  A li...
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