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Announcements & Upgrades:

12/23/21: New Guest Reservation Center feature:

You now have the option to hide your guest statement and payment page on the Guest Reservation Center (GRC) from everyone but the trip leader.  This comes in handy if you're using the GRC to collect payment from the trip leader and waivers from every guest, but the trip leader doesn't want any of the other guests to see the statement or amounts due.

There is now a "Settings" link next to the "Guest Reservation Center" link on the Booking Screen. Click the link to view settings for the current booking. The default is to keep the GRC open and the same for all of the guests in the party. There are two options that result in the creation of separate "Access Codes" for the trip leader and the other guests. One allows other guests to make payments (but not see payment history or suggested amounts) and hides the guest statement, and the other option hides both the statement and the payment options from the "other" guests. A fourth option closes the GRC for the booking.

If you choose either of the options that create Access Codes, you will need to forward the "trip leader" access code to your trip leader. You can copy and paste the access code or use the {m476} widget in your email template to send it to your trip leader.

If your trip leader shares the GRC link, he/she will have the option to share the trip leader or guest access codes.

These changes should make the GRC much more flexible and allow you to use it for groups where the trip leader is footing the bill but doesn't want the other guests to see the dollar amounts!

12/15/21: Override Suggested Deposit Amounts:
You can now do a manual override of the suggested deposit amount for an individual booking.  There might be times when you make an exception to your deposit policy.  If you need to set a deposit requirement lower or higher than your standard policy, just go to the booking and click "Override Required Deposit Amount" in the "Select an Action" drop-down list and click "Go."  You can then enter the new deposit amount.

11/29/21: Store Cards without Charging Them:
You can now store a credit card for future use without charging it.  On the booking screen, click "Payment", then you will see a new "Store a Credit Card" option.  This option is available for all five payment processors that integrate with LodgeRunner, including Authorize.Net, Braintree Payments, Fattmerchant/Stax, Square, and Stripe.

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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