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Bonefish/Permit/Tarpon Lodges

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LodgeRunner is a great fit for bonefish lodges.

Bonefish and other saltwater destination lodges can greatly benefit from LodgeRunner's specialized features. Whether you book guests week-to-week or on their schedule, our guide assignment, room assignment, invoice templates, and financial reports can be a huge aid. LodgeRunner also helps you deal with Booking Agents. Enter your agent and commission for a booking and instantly create an invoice addressed directly to your booking agent.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Bonefish Lodges:

  • Assign Guides. You can enter requested guides and assign specific guides to each party. You can set rates for guide trips if they are booked ala carte or leave the rate at zero if the guide trip is included in the package price. Organize your guide list by seniority, availability, or any other system. Run detailed reports on guide trips sorted by guide, destination, and trip code.
  • Booking Agents: LodgeRunner makes it easy to apply and track commissions owed to Booking Agents. You can enter commissions as a percentage that applies to some or all of the charges in the booking. You can also enter a fixed dollar amount for the commission. Easily create correspondence addressed to your booking agent that shows the amount due for each booking. LodgeRunner has a variety of reports that allow you to track commissions by each agent.
  • Booking Agent Log-in: Keep your agents in the loop by giving them a special log-in. Agents can see openings in your schedule and view information about their own bookings. You can specify exactly what information agents can see when they log in.

Other Features:

Bonefish lodges also use all of the basic features of LodgeRunner common to other fishing lodges and fishing outfitters. Check out the Bar Tab/Gift Shop and kitchen reporting features!

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