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LodgeRunner - the Booking System of choice for Canoe Outfitters

Canoe Outfitters generally have large fleets of canoes and camping gear to track and assign to each party. LodgeRunner helps with a Canoe Grid that can accommodate 100+ canoes and other rental items. View the grid for up to 2 weeks at a time. You can easily assign a single or multiple canoes to a party and the billing gets updated automatically. LodgeRunner's full season grid allows you to quickly scroll through an entire season and find openings in your schedule.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Canoe Outfitters:

  • Entry and Exit Point. LodgeRunner has optional Put-In and Take-Out fields that you can use to record the trip's Entry Point and Exit Point. There is also an optional Permit # field that some outfitters use.
  • Booking Flags. You can define multiple "Booking Flags." These are tags or keywords that can be attached to each booking. Canoe outfitters frequently like to tag bookings with one or more flags, like "Gear Outfitting" or "Guided Trip." Once the bookings are marked with the flags, you can quickly search or run reports for all bookings of that type.

Other Features:

Canoe outfitters also use many of the standard LodgeRunner features common to fishing and hunting lodges. Check out the pre-registration, credit card processing, and end-of-season reporting features!

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