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LodgeRunner was originally designed for Fly Fishing Lodges

Fly Fishing lodges run on great food, great guides, and excellent customer service. LodgeRunner can help you streamline your administrative tasks so that you can focus on providing the best possible experience for your guests. LodgeRunner's guide assignment, kitchen reporting, and guest correspondence features are a huge aid. Fly fishing lodges also use many of the standard features like Room Assignments, individual billing, retail transactions, and credit card processing.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Fly Fishing Lodges:

  • Assign Guides. Whether your guides are in-house or contracted through a separate outfitter, you can enter requested guides and assign specific guides to each party. You can set rates for guide trips if they are booked ala carte or leave the rate at zero if the guide trip is included in the package price. Organize your guide list by seniority, outfitter, or any other system. Run detailed reports on guide trips sorted by guide, destination, trip code, and/or outfitter.
  • Schools/Clinics. Many lodges offer schools in addition to guide trips. Use LodgeRunner's "Scheduled Groups" feature to enter your schools. You can assign guides to each school so they get pulled out of the rotation for daily guide trips. You can also print rosters for each school, send email correspondence to everyone enrolled in a school, and display availability for schools on your website.

Other Features:

Fly fishing lodges also use all of the basic features of LodgeRunner common to other fishing lodges and fishing outfitters. Check out the Bar Tab/Gift Shop, credit card processing and kitchen reporting features!

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