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Is LodgeRunner for Me?

Businesses that switch over to LodgeRunner are frequently using Excel, Google Calendars, Hotel Software Packages, or even writing everything down on paper. In most cases, adopting LodgeRunner can replace two or more other programs/systems, allowing you to spend more time on the important stuff!

LodgeRunner Is a Great Fit When:

  • Hotel Software Isn't Working for You: Many of our new users come to us because their hotel software package isn't getting the job done. Many of these systems are one-size-fits-all and can't be customized. Some have too many hotel-specific features that are unnecessary and get in the way. You're not running a hotel, so why use hotel software?
  • You Require Customization: One of our biggest selling points is that we can customize our software to fit your needs. We regularly make updates to the LodgeRunner platform and have the ability to enable customizations for individual users.
  • You Have Data to Import: We can import your contact list free of charge in most cases. We can even import your historical booking information depending on the current format. We charge an hourly rate for this service and can give you an estimate after we view the data. We have successfully imported booking information from Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. Many older booking systems store their data in an Access database format.
  • Different Users Need Different Priveleges: Do you have different team members that only need to see part of the big picture when they log in? LodgeRunner makes it easy to create custom roles for your different types of users. For each custom role you can specify exactly which screens the user can view.
  • You don't like paying fees for each guest or user: Many software packages charge you a fee for every guest you book and/or every user. We don't like that approach. During the demo phone call we try to get a basic idea of the nature of your business and then quote you a fixed monthly rate. There are no additional fees. Enter as many bookings and guest as you like! And by all means create as many users as you need.
  • You want to choose your own Payment Processor: Some software packages build their entire business model around charging you credit card processing fees. We like to offer you the flexibility to choose your own payment processor. You can run cards on your existing system, run cards through LodgeRunner using one of our supported processors, or do both. We don't charge any additional credit card processing fees when you run cards through LodgeRunner.

LodgeRunner Might Not Be a Good Choice When:

  • You Need to Integrate With OTAs (Online Travel Agents): Examples of OTAs include Expedia and AirBnB. There are a lot of great hotel software packages out there that are designed to integrate with OTAs to help you sell your hotel rooms. LodgeRunner users typically have a more personal relationship with their guests. While most have rooms and/or rentals that they book using LodgeRunner, they do not operate their business like a hotel or motel.
  • You Have Intermittent Internet Access: LodgeRunner does not require high-speed internet. Satellite or DSL connections work great. The main hurdle is if your internet connection is not reliable. LodgeRunner has no local software installation, so when your internet is down, you cannot access LodgeRunner.
  • You Want a Smartphone App: LodgeRunner is a very sophisticated application with many different features that are configured differently for each user. This type of application does not lend itself to the one-size-fits-all world of mobile app development. Despite the lack of an "App", LodgeRunner works great on the smart phone - you just have to access it through your web browser. If you add the login page to your home screen and click "remember me" when you log in, LodgeRunner behaves just like an app.

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