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LodgeRunner was made for Fly Fishing Outfitters

The very first version of LodgeRunner was designed for a full-service fly fishing lodge with a busy guide service. The guide trip-related features of LodgeRunner have been fine-tuned for nearly twenty years and are a sure bet to streamline your operation. From the initial inquiry to the end-of-season reports and all the steps in between, LodgeRunner can help your operation perform at the highest level. LodgeRunner has helped many of the world's premier fishing outfitters grow their business.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Fishing Guide Services, Fly Shops and Fly Fishing Outfitters:

  • Guides log in and easily update their availability. Your guides can log in from their computers and smartphones and view their schedules at any time. You can set different priveleges for each guide. For example, you might allow some guides to set their days off, view client contact information, and even book their own trips, while others are only allowed to view their schedule.
  • Enter bookings quickly and accurately. The intuitive Guide Grid makes booking trips a breeze. Enter client contact information, check the schedule, select your guides, destinations, meeting times and places, and then send a nice email confirmation to your client. The system prompts your staff if they leave out any critical information.
  • Unassigned Guide Trips. If you're taking bookings well in advance and don't want to assign specific guides just yet, that's fine. Just enter the number you need each day. Later on you can click on these unassigned guides and quickly convert them over to specific guide assignments.
  • Send Email and Text Alerts to your Guides. After booking a new trip, your staff can also send an email or text message to the guides letting them know about the new booking. You can also send automated emails/texts to your guide staff each evening with information about their trip for the next day.
  • Half-Day and Full-Day trips. You can define multiple rate codes for your various destinations and full-day and half-day trips. You can even allow guides to book back-to-back half-days with different parties on the same day.
  • Restricted Destinations. Do you have destinations with a daily maximum # of boats or anglers? LodgeRunner can handle that! Just enter the maximum number of anglers and/or boats allowed for each destination. These destinations appear at the top of the Guide Grid where you can quickly see how many spots you have left to book on each piece of water. We can take it one step further and track aggregate numbers for multiple stretches, too.
  • View & Print Daily Trip Summaries. A daily summary of guide trips is never more than a single click away. You can easily adjust the date to view tomorrow's trips, or any other day. You can also print summary and detailed daily guide trip reports.
  • Print Pre-Filled Waivers and Trip Sheets. LodgeRunner can easily print out release forms with guest information pre-printed. Many shops also send each guide out with a Trip Sheet for recording the destination and/or tackle purchases. LodgeRunner can generate these trip sheets automatically with all of the trip and guest information pre-filled.
  • Guide Payroll. Since all of your trip information is already in LodgeRunner, generating guide payroll is a snap! Whether you pay your guides a percentage or a fixed amount for full days and half days, LodgeRunner can calculate your guide payroll for any pay period and help you print summary reports. We can even handle bonuses for request trips and different rates depending on the destination or trip type.
  • Agency Reports: Many outfitters have one or more state or federal agencies to report to at the end of the year. We have made customized reports for countless National Parks, National Forest Ranger Districts, BLM areas, and State Recreation areas. We can help you present this information in the same format that is preferred by these agencies.

Other Features:

Fishing Outfitters also use many of the basic features of LodgeRunner common to fishing lodges. Check out the online booking, credit card processing, and website inquiry features!

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