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LodgeRunner can handle the unique needs of Canadian Lodges

Canadian lodges frequently have special circumstances that call for LodgeRunner's precision booking system. LodgeRunner can handle multiple billing and payment currencies and can track up to three tax rates. It can also track special charge codes like rental boats that are limited in availability. LodgeRunner also excels at basic booking features like assigning rooms, generating guest correspondence, and tracking financial information.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Canadian Lodges:

  • Multiple Currencies: It is common for Canadian lodges to accept USD and CDN currency. Some even bill their guests in both currencies. LodgeRunner can convert currencies when recording payments and it allows you to specify the currency used for each individual booking.
  • GST, PST, and Local Taxes: Many Canadian lodges have to charge GST, PST, and sometimes a local tax on various charge codes. Sometimes the tax rates are different for residents and non-residents. LodgeRunner can accommodate three separate tax types and can apply different rates when necessary.
  • Tracking Boats: Many Canadian lodges rent boats to guests and need to track how many have been rented out for each day. LodgeRunner lets you set a maximum # for each charge code so you can't overbook your boats.
  • Groups/Weeks: Some Canadian lodges have set turnover days. For example, the lodge has 16 weeks to book each year and each group arrives and leaves on each Friday. Alternately, the lodge may offer mostly 5-night trips but sprinkle in a few 7-night trips into the schedule. LodgeRunner helps you to quickly enter each scheduled offering into the system. As you enter your bookings, the bookings for each "week" are grouped together. This feature allows you to easily print rosters for each week and to view availability at a glance. You can also define multiple charge codes for each week, like a standard package and a deluxe package.
  • Flight Info: LodgeRunner can handle detailed charter flight info and print reports detailing arrivals and departures for each day or each group. Even if you have multiple charter hops on each leg with different companies, we can handle it! Reports can detail guest names, weight, age, and even the weight of each guest's fish box.
  • Detailed Guest Info: Canadian lodges frequently require a greater degree of detail for each guest. Optional contact fields include Date of Birth, Weight, and Emergency Contact Info. You can also enter fish box weights (for flight reports), wader and boot sizes, fly/spin tackle preference, and skill level for each guest in each booking.

Other Features:

Canadian lodges also use all the basic features of LodgeRunner common to other fishing and hunting lodges. Check out the pre-registration, Bar Tab/Gift Shop, and kitchen reporting features!

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