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Onboarding Process

Once you have evaluated your demo and decide that LodgeRunner is for you, we begin the onboarding process.

Renewal Period Options

You can renew for one month, three months, six months, or one year. Your renewal period will start the day your demo expires, so you effectively get a free month when you start.

New users receive a 20% discount when they sign up for a full year. This discount still applies if you go month-to-month for a while before renewing for a full year.

Next Steps

  • Upload your Contacts: We will upload your contacts for you for free once you pay for at least one month of service. We prefer Excel or CSV formats for your contact list. Please make sure that all information is in separate columns. Some programs export the address, city, state and zip all into one column, so make sure to separate that info into separate columns. Also make sure all US and Canadian phone numbers are in ten-digit format. If your data is in a highly organized format we can also import prior booking information in many cases.
  • Guest Correspondence: LodgeRunner has many excellent templates you can use for your confirmation letters, balance due letters, invoices, itineraries, and so on. However, sometimes it's easiest for you to send us samples of what you are using and we can recreate the templates in LodgeRunner for you. Part of this process is to upload your logo files and any PDF attachments you like to send with your email correspondence.
  • Set Up Your Email Account: Before you can send guest correspondence, you must set up LodgeRunner to use your own email address. You will need to know your username, password, smtp server, port and SSL settings. Feel free to put us in touch with your email administrator and we can take care of it for you!
  • Set Up Credit Card Processing: This step is optional, but many of our users like to process cards from within LodgeRunner. Set up an account with Stripe.com or BraintreePayments.com, enter your settings into LodgeRunner, and we will set up the rest. Once you have a payment processor set up, you can include payment links in your email correspondence.
  • Training: It sometimes takes a couple hours of training to get new users up to speed on all of the LodgeRunner features. We like to get you off to a good start so we are happy to provide free phone support as part of your monthly fees.

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