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Top International Lodges Depend on LodgeRunner

International destination lodges strive to provide a high level of service to their guests. LodgeRunner's precision booking system helps you streamline the booking process so you can focus on the guest experience. There are many details that go into an international fishing or hunting trip booking. Flight info, room assignments, guide assignments, pre- and post-trip hotel bookings, dietary preferences, are just a few examples. Every member of your team can log in and see exactly what they need (and nothing else).

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for International Lodges:

  • Flights: LodgeRunner can help you organize international flights and charter flights. Print reports for arrivals/departures for a single day or party. You can easily see which parties have incomplete flight info.
  • Pre-Registration: You can use LodgeRunner to set up online pre-registration for your guests. The Pre-Registration process can include entering guest information, flights, hotel bookings, and signing waivers.
  • Detailed Guest Info: International Lodges frequently require specialized guest info like passport numbers, date of birth, and emergency contact info.
  • Hotels: LodgeRunner can help you record pre-trip and post-trip hotel bookings for your guests. This information can be confirmed to your guest in email correspondence.
  • Booking Agents: LodgeRunner makes it easy to apply and track commissions owed to Booking Agents. You can enter commissions as a percentage that applies to some or all of the charges in the booking. You can also enter a fixed dollar amount for the commission. Easily create correspondence addressed to your booking agent that shows the amount due for each booking. LodgeRunner has a variety of reports that allow you to track commissions by each agent.
  • Trip Itineraries: LodgeRunner can help you produce detailed trip itineraries that you can email or print. Many lodges like to show the details on a day-by-day basis using the exact dates of the booking. These itineraries can be drafted as a PDF file that is then automatically attached to a confirmation email.

Other Features:

International lodges also use all the basic features of LodgeRunner common to other fishing and hunting lodges. Check out the Bar Tab/Gift Shop, Pre-Registration and kitchen reporting features!

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