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Announcements & Upgrades:
12/13/18: View 10 or 14 days in Room Grid: You can now view 7, 10, or 14 days in your Room Grid.  Go to Settings, then Grids, then Room Grid Settings to change the setting.  You may need to widen the room grid and/or the LodgeRunner window to accommodate the extra rows.  There are new resizing buttons at the bottom of the Room...
12/10/18: Upgrade to Season Combo Grid: The "Season" button on your main menu opens up a full-season grid that shows both rooms and guide assignments.  This screen now has a fixed date header that stays at the top of the screen while you scroll down.  You can also change the width and height of the display to suit your...
12/10/18: Room Grid Improvements: We have added two new features to the Room Grid: 1.) Color Codes for Room Types: You can assign Room Types to each Room and specify color codes for each room type. To set this up, go to Setup, then Room Type Settings and check the "Show Color Codes" checkbox. Then go to Setup, then Ro...
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