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Announcements & Upgrades:
1/8/18: Mark Cards as Okay to Re-Bill: For those of you that have integrated with Braintree Payments for credit card processing, you can now mark certain cards as being okay to re-bill later. When you enter the credit card payment, there is a new "Okay to Rebill" checkbox. You can use this feature in conjunction with a new Da...
1/8/18: Apply Commission Rate to Selected Charges: There is a new option on the Commissions screen that allows you to apply a percentage to selected charges.  That way the commission amount does not change if the guest adds additional charges after they arrive.  When using the new option you simply check a checkbox next to each charge to w...
1/4/18: New Setup Menus for each New Booking Screen: LodgeRunner has multiple "New Booking" screens. Many of our users use multiple "New Booking" screens for booking different types of trips. For example, you might use the "Scheduled Groups" screen to book scheduled offerings and then the "Typical Booking" scree...
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